• Bishopsgate House Restaurant

    Bishopsgate House Restaurant

  • Hake


  • Welsh Lamb

    Welsh Lamb

  • Lobster


  • Welsh Beef

    Welsh Beef

  • Mushroom stuffed with Guiness and Stilton

    Mushroom stuffed with Guiness and Stilton

  • Tenderloin of Pork

    Tenderloin of Pork


As proud members of Gorou Mon (The Best of Anglesey) our ethos is:
‘We believe in sourcing both primary and secondary produce from Anglesey and North Wales whenever possible. We are also committed to incorporating a sense of place when promoting our offering and we celebrate Anglesey on all occasions.
We strive to strengthen the reputation of Anglesey as a food destination and we support and contribute to other campaigns that also seek to do this’.

It is not possible to list all our suppliers as we change frequently, however here is a list of suppliers we have been using for a long time:

  • OGO Butchers, Caernarfon
  • Red Boat Ice Cream, Beaumaris
  • Total Produce, Gaerwyn, Anglesey
  • Halen Mon, Anglesey
  • Blas ar Fwyd, Llanrwst
  • Cooks and Caterers, Beaumaris
  • Tredici Butchers and Deli, Beaumaris
  • Mermaid Seafood, Llandudno
  • Edwards of Conwy
  • Hootons Homegrown,  Brynsiencyn,
  • Benjamin Lee, Choclatier and Patissier
  • Central Bakery, Beaumaris